Six things I love…

I am so glad that simple things bring me such joy. Some people need expensive gifts, trips, meals, etc… not this Chic! I have a few things that always make me smile, feel happy and comfortable, and are a positive part of my life. Today, I am going to reveal these “things” and would love to hear what “simple things” you love in your life.

My loyal jean jacket!

My loyal jean jacket!



Thing 1: My jean jacket! I love my jean jacket! It is my favorite article of clothing. It is comfortable, goes with everything (almost), has these great pockets where I can carry my cell phone, change, a sharpie, my keys…. I am getting all excited just thinking about how much I love my jean jacket. I have other jackets, of course, but 99% of the time it is my perfect faded jean jacket that I pull out of the closet to spend the day with me!


Fiestaware makes me happy!

Fiestaware makes me happy!



Thing 2: My Fiestaware! I love the colors: shamrock,  scarlet, peacock, and tangerine. Just the names of the colors make me happy! I had wanted Fiestsware for years and finally last year splurged and bought a set in the variety of colors above. I’ve never ever had buyers remorse!  I love it so much I had a friend paint a picture to hang in my kitchen to match my Fiestaware!  


Mixin' up some love!

Mixin' up some love!




Thing 3: My KitchenAid mixer. I love it because I can whip up a batch of  chocolate chip cookies in less than five minutes. It mixes everything perfectly and is so easy to clean.  It makes my life easier and my son swears it makes my cookies the best in the world! I do love my KitchenAid mixer….      


My MacBook & Sharpies...

My MacBook & Sharpies...

Thing 4:  My MacBook – and I love it for a few reasons. It is fast, handy, reliable, resistant, cool and I didn’t pay a penny for it! I got it through a technology grant at the school where I teach and get to keep it for as long as I’m at this school. (Not going anywhere!)



Thing 5: Sharpies! Just love them and rarely have been found without one. A new pointed tip Sharpie makes my day!! I even love the smell. I love the permanence of using a sharpie. I sometimes write important notes to myself, like “milk” on the palm of my hand and I don’t even mind if it takes two days for “milk” to be washed off. One of my teacher friends always gives me sharpies for my birthday – she’s got my ticket!


A Croc Circle!

A Croc Circle!





Thing 6: Crocs! They are comfortable, easy, colorful and a blessing! I own 13 pairs of them! Pink, Blue, Green, Black, Brown, flip flops, mary janes, beach, clogs, oh my… I began wearing them a few years ago when I had a foot problem and wear them now because I love them. 



This list could of course go on and on but I will stop here.  Six things that I love, use, and could live with out, but am glad I don’t have to.  Now, if you have the time I would LOVE to hear a few of your things you love…..

Love~ G


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  1. 1

    Kay said,

    I love your dishes. Every time I see them in the store I just love the bright colors. : )

    You make me want to find that perfect denim jacket. So cute and versatile.

    Enjoyed your list!

  2. 2

    ginnymoss said,

    Thanks Kay. It really is amazing how colorful dishes and a denim jacket brighten my life. I guess we all have those little things that make us happy. 🙂

  3. 3

    Robin said,

    Lots of those are my favorite things too! I’m stopping by to say a happy late heart day and I hope your little one is feeling better and I hope you got some chocolate!!!

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