Barbie is stronger than cancer!

Barbie is stronger than cancer!

This is Barbie, in a really cool t-shirt that her husband had made for her!

About 25 years ago while far far away from home, at a small college in Idaho, I was blessed with a room-mate named Karen. Karen, whose name I changed to Barbie because she is tall, blonde, perfect was also a southerner, strong willed, independent and a bit quirky. The latter traits I shared with her so of course we became quick and forever friends.  We jokingly became known as Barbie & Skipper.

Since those years we have traveled many different paths but somehow we always seem to find our way back to each other and it’s so refreshing when we do. We’ll talk on the phone, write e-mails, and a few times have even been able to get together to reminisce about the past, and dream about our futures.

About two months ago with prompting from my niece I joined “Facebook.” After being there for a brief period of time Barbie found me. How wonderful to be reunited again.  Facebook is wonderful – we send each other thoughts, ideas, pictures….  then last week I was wondering why I hadn’t heard from Barbie in a while. I wasn’t alarmed, we both have busy lives so I just thought she was tied up with other things and hadn’t had much time to get on Facebook.

Then on Tuesday I got a message from her.  A couple weeks earlier that she had found a lump in one of her breast and after that had found out she has breast cancer.  She was strong, positive, hopeful, faithful and determined to do everything in her power to win this battle. She was letting me know that she was scheduled  to have both breast removed on Friday (yesterday).  My heart dropped. My very special friend was facing something horrible and I felt helpless and scared for her and her family. 

Just as I would have expected Barbie to do, she was a rock. Her surgery lasted 5 hours and her husband reported that things looked better than her doctor had expected and there was no sign of cancer in her lymph nodes. I felt so full of gratitude, love and hope.  

I guess I am writing about this because it has been on my mind and in my heart. I also wanted to announce to the world that Barbie’s courage has gotten me to face my fear and I will be making an appointment for my first mammogram on Monday. 

I love you, Barbie…. thank you for being my forever friend…


ps… if you would like to read about Karen’s journey, check out her blog:


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    susan said,

    I am so proud of you. I know it is a scary thing, but we have an obligation to take responsibility of our health. I lost my mother to breast cancer at a young age–something that might not have happened if she had been vigilant. Besides you are setting an example for your friends, and daughters if you have them. Who knows, you might help save a life with your post. I am bookmarking you so I can check back on you. Congratulations and God bless you! You can also reach me at my blog or email.

  2. 2

    susan said,

    PS I will put Barbie in my prayers!

    • 3

      ginnymoss said,

      Thank you so much for your comments. I am so fortunate to have Barbie as my friend and love that I was able to share my feelings about her and her cancer. She has inspired me beyond words.

      ps: My mammogram is scheduled for Thursday at 3:30.

  3. 4

    Your friend is a brave woman, and so are you for scheduling the test and going forward. God bless “Barbie,” and may she regain her health and go on to send you many, many messages on Facebook!

    Best wishes, Cass

  4. 5

    ginnymoss said,

    Thanks Cass. I love the thought of many many more messages o Facebook from Barbie!!
    Bless you for your wishes.

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