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Hooked on 5 year olds!

102_0555Another week in kindergarten and another very funny story… Remember Sam, my adorable little student who scribbled and professed to have written in Spanish?  Well, again Sam has brought joy to my life and I just have to share it…

One day this week the kids had to do a color sheet (it was a color by number) and after finishing they got to choose a center to go to. Sam was ready to choose his center and yet I wasn’t sure I had seen his finished paper. He went to my desk, picked up a paper, and read the name, ” W A S”. He then said out loud, “W A S, was, we do not have anyone in our class named Was.”  Realizing his paper was upside down I told him to turn his paper around. When he did, he said, “S A M, Sam, oh, that’s ME!, Here’s my paper!” and with that he put the paper back down and went to a center.  

W A S – we don’t have anyone named Was in our class!  lol…. I do love S A M!


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Things 5 year olds say…

As you know, if you’ve read my blog, I teach kindergarten. This is my 9th year teaching and my 8th year teaching this grade. I did venture down the hallway one year, to a 4th grade assignment. At first, I was relieved being with older kids. They could follow simple directions and when all else failed they could sit and read on their own for a few minutes. BUT… quickly I realized that 4th graders were way too smart (or so they thought) and they didn’t think I’m the funny person that I know I am… I mean my kindergarten students had been laughing at my silliness for years. About midyear I knew where I should be and it was back down the hallway with those 5 year olds.

With all that said, I have to admit that one of my very favorite things about teaching kindergarten is that 5 year olds say the most amazing things.  My mother has told me, since I began teaching that I should write these things down, but I haven’t… until now… Let’s find out if the things 5 years olds say to their teacher is as amazing to you, as it is to me…

Yesterday I read the book “The Hat” by Jan Brett to my class.  (btw… I love Jan Brett books!) Our focus skill was recalling details from stories, so I followed up the reading by having the children draw a picture and then write about their favorite part of this book.   Sam, who is an amazing little boy, brought his paper up to me. He had written “My favrt prt of bok ws” followed by what looked like two lines of scribble. I read the part that I could read and asked him to help me with the next two lines. Sam, completely serious said, “I wrote those two lines in Spanish.” I thought this is interesting, Spanish? I don’t teach Spanish and Sam doesn’t have an ounce of Latino in him, so I asked him to read to me what he had written in Spanish. Again, completely serious, Sam laughed and said, “I can’t read Spanish, Ms. Moss.” 

I was too amazed by his ability to come up this that I couldn’t even have him redo it in English!  So, I sent Sam off to play at the block center and thought, I am going to have to write this one down….

This is Sam!

This is Sam!

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